Digital Business Solutions

At Data First, our focus is accelerating impact and modernizing platforms through building capabilities, creating a smart business culture.

We deliver digital solutions to help clients achieve better results through analytics-driven data while leveraging what they already do best.

Digital Transformation

We explore your current business to identify new opportunities that can be easily realised through digital systems and processes. Working closely with your existing teams to understand your business we deliver change to improve and expand existing process and devise new concepts that have yet to be realised, implementing systems and process to efficiently leverage return on your investment.

Software Integration

As key to your business, your systems are critical to the performance of your business. We develop integrations to simplify business process, increase customer satisfaction through user experience with the overall goal of increasing revenue and profit through automation.


Data-driven Marketing

Working closely with your business, we design a strategy to maximise return from your marketing activity. Our approach is to ensure marketing activity and spend meets the objectives of the business, matching the best tools to the task. Delivery of the strategy is a fluid process, with key reporting and transparency at its heart. We work in an agile way, adjusting delivery to optimise performance based on live data.